The City of New Westminster is currently working on its Official Community Plan, a plan which will guide the future growth of the city. The OCP is arguably the most important planning document that exists in any community. The last time the OCP was reviewed in New Westminster was back in 1998, so we are long overdue to have this planning discussion in our community. There are two critical questions that we are hoping to resolve through this OCP process:

  1. Where should growth occur?(and conversely where should growth be limited?)
  2. What types of housing options does the community need?

The reality is that the majority of growth that will occur in New Westminster in the coming decades will be located in our Regional Town Centre in Downtown New Westminster. We can also expect some forms of further densification in the areas around the cities other Skytrain stations. The discussion surrounding housing options is a little bit more difficult. Around 94% of the housing stock in New Westminster is currently either single family homes or apartments. Other housing options such as townhouses, row houses, triplexes and coach houses are either in short supply or do not exist in our communities. A big part of this OCP process is to determine which of these housing options would we like to see in our community and where would they be appropriately located.

The OCP process is now reaching a critical point. Over the last few months the city has been hosting events in every neighbourhood in New Westminster to gather feedback and help guide the development of the OCP. So far we have received hundreds of responses from residents of all ages and demographics. For the OCP to be successful, we need to make sure the community is engaged in this process. Early in 2016, the city will be hosting several events to help further engage the public. We have also recently launched an online tool that allows residents to provide their feedback online. I encourage every resident to participate and help us plan the future of our community.

Provide your feedback online:


Learn more about the OCP process:


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