#project44parks – a self-initiated challenge to visit all 44 park spaces* in New Westminster in one day!

As we near the end of August and head into a busy fall season here at City Hall I have decided to take on a fun challenge. This Sunday, August 20th I plan to visit, discover and appreciate all 44 formal park spaces the City of New Westminster has to offer. As I began planning this initiative, I was excited to see the diversity of spaces for all ages to enjoy. I’m almost sure I have been to them all, but there may be a few I have not visited.  Many have had improvements since the last time I was there. I look forward to sharing each space with you via Facebook and Twitter throughout my journey. I’m positive I will highlight some new greenspaces in your neighbourhood to go out and discover.

Here’s the plan:

Detailed in the map below are the 44 Park spaces I will be visiting throughout the day.

#project44parks MAP

I will visit the green markers in the morning (combination of walking & driving), purple in the afternoon (via bike & the Q2Q Ferry) and yellow in the evening (combination of walking & driving).

Here’s a listing of my route in general order of travel:

  1. Albert Crescent Park
  2. Saint Mary’s Park
  3. Tipperary Park
  4. Friendship Gardens
  5. Riverside Adventure Park
  6. Lookout Greenspace
  7. Grimston Park
  8. Connaught Heights Park
  9. Moody Park
  10. Mercer Stadium & Track
  11. Sinclair Park
  12. Dunwood Place Park
  13. Terry Hughes Park
  14. Queen’s Park
  15. Sullivan Park
  16. Clinton Park
  17. Begbie Place
  18. Toronto Place Park
  19. Simcoe Park
  20. Hyack Square
  21. Westminster Pier Park
  22. Waterfront Esplanade and Park
  23. Quayside Park
  24. Port Royal Riverfront Walk
  25. Port Royal Park
  26. Red Boat Park
  27. Old Schoolhouse Park
  28. Sukh Sagar Park
  29. Thompson’s Landing Park
  30. Ryall Park
  31. Glenbrook Ravine Park
  32. Canada Games Athletic Field
  33. Mott Crescent Triangle
  34. Sangster Place Triangle
  35. Jackson Crescent Triangle
  36. Westburnco Sports Courts
  37. Victory Heights Park
  38. Sunset Park
  39. Sapperton Triangle
  40. Hume Park
  41. Brunette-Fraser Trail
  42. Sapperton Plaza
  43. Sapperton Park
  44. Sapperton Landing Park

I will endeavor to share a picture and interesting information from each location I visit.
Be sure to follow my journey via the #project44parks hashtag on my social media channels (FaceBook & Twitter) or better yet stop me as I travel through your neighbourhood greenspace to say hello! Maybe even make a cameo in the endless selfies I’m sure to take.

For more information on the City of New Westminster’s Parks, please visit our website www.newwestcity.ca/parks-and-recreation/parks

I look forward to seeing you out there as I take on #project44parks #newwest

*There are off-leash dog areas, trails, greenways and some park spaces that are newly developed or in the process of being developed that are not included in my list.

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